Pablo Laso is the coach of Real Madrid since 2011 and, to this day, no one doubts that he is the great bulwark of the successes of the white team in the last decade and one of the three most important coaches of the team along with Pedro Ferrándiz and Lolo Sainz. However, not everything in these 9 years has been a time of wine and roses for the man from Vitoria, who lived through two very difficult moments at the club.

The first, during the first season, since his arrival from Gipuzkoa Basket did not excite the fans, and was very questioned by the press. Finally, they decided to give him the opportunity to continue and managed to secure his position in 2012.

The most difficult moment Pablo Laso has spent as a white coach took place during the summer of 2014. He came from losing his second consecutive Euroleague final (he missed an incredible match against Maccabi in Milan) and then lost the league against FC Barcelona despite having the field factor in favor and being a favorite.

That summer, the 2014 Brazil World Cup, it was clear to Florentino Pérez: Pablo Laso had to be kicked out, a coach had to be found to make Real Madrid win the Euroleague. The final two were not worth after almost twenty years and the great game. Titles were required.

However, a tragic event changed the course of Laso’s history and that of Real Madrid’s basketball section. The death of Alfredo Di Stéfano caused everything to stop at Concha Espina. That Laso’s dismissal is frozen and eventually canceled.

This story, unknown to date, was revealed by Mr. Chip a few days ago on ‘Colgados del aro’ (Endesa’s YouTube channel that is making us more enjoyable these months and directed by Juanma López Iturriaga – very well accompanied by Antoni Daimiel , Siro López and Pablo Lolaso).

Yes, it can be said that with his death Alfredo Di Stéfano, the best player in the history of Real Madrid soccer, managed to get Madrid to follow where it had to go (Laso already has two Euroleagues and several leagues and the King’s Cups plus).