“One day he raised his hand”, breaks the silence Consuelo Duval

“One day he raised his hand”, breaks the silence Consuelo Duval | Instagram

The famous actress and comedian Consuelo Duval opened her heart and shared some somewhat difficult aspects of her life, one of them, the separation of her father from her children and the reasons that led her to this decision: “One day she raised her hand” , he pointed.

Through an interview, the remembered character of “Federica Plush“reveals the moment when she made the big decision to give new meaning to her life after deciding to divorce.

The also driver, Consuelo Duval and her ex-husband, Ariel, with whom she had two children: Paly and Michel, points out that she noticed her ex-partner was somewhat more aggressive, and later realized that he was using substances.

The CEA graduate revealed in an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda some of the episodes during her marriage, and how she met the father of her children.

The famous one recalled, it was a colleague from the middle of the performance who introduced it, he detailed.

It is presented to me by Alexis Ayala who went to see a play, my final exam and then this father of my biological children told him ‘I am going to marry her’. He presents me with it, I say it is the most leathery leather in the world and I end the CEA pregnant “, Consuelo Duval said.

She got married due to the pressure of her pregnancy.

Immediately, Consuelo Duval would prepare everything to get married as she points out, it was her brothers who warned her what would happen if her father found out, so this hastened their relationship, she was 24 years old when she married for the first time.

I told him: ‘We have to get married because if I don’t go to mt @ ra my dad “and look in honor of him I got married two, three times so as not to kill him. I got married without my dad knowing, according to me, only because of the civilian, I was never going to get married because of the church, “he mentioned.

Nine months after his first daughter arrived, the host of “Divine Net“She got pregnant again, this time was more difficult as she points out, at that time she was already working at Televisa, and years later came the separation, there were signs that alerted the judge today to” Who is the mask “:

I noticed strange things about him. He worked at night and then he would arrive and you had to keep quiet. One day, I remember, that he hit Michel and then when it was time to bathe him he saw his hand in Michel’s pomp, who was about two and a half years old. I told him: ‘That is not done to a son’ and, suddenly, I see that he was hitting his hand with the door, he was like whipping himself, “he said.

“He used substances and changed his behavior”

After certain episodes that set off the alarms for the television star who concluded that something was wrong with the father of her children.

One day we go for a walk and he goes to the bathroom, when he comes out I see that the blackness of his eyes is three times as big as before entering. I was so stuck with being a mom, in the role of self-sacrificing and exemplary wife that I didn’t realize she was doing drugs.

But the straw that would spill the glass was the moment when he pointed out he tried to “raise his hand” to him.

His violence was greater every day. One day he raised his hand to me and I told him: ‘Don’t even think about it because I tell my brother and you’re not going to finish it,’ “said the comedian.

His experience in love …

Consuelo has not only managed to become a great comedy actress and television host, she has also ventured into film and theater, in addition to being one of the most popular figures on social networks where she is gaining more and more followers.

Although she is always very positive and smiling, her love life has not corresponded to her attitude towards life, Duval has starred in turbulent relationships, 3 divorces and several frustrated courtships, they reveal.