Once upon a time there was a gentleman Lerman who asked for the hand of the beautiful maiden named Hissel

Sam is a boxing fanatic who has all the recording equipment ready in case Canelo decides to fight in El Paso to make a music video that he has in mind, his now wife knows that when he answers the boxing people that he is from Culiacán for inertia they tell him about his countryman, the great Mexican champion, JC Chávez, and this note is his wedding gift.

So so taran so so taran …

It was June 15, 2021, and the wedding march lulled with joy the ears of all the guests at the wedding ceremony between Samuel Lerman directly from Chuco and his beautiful sweetheart Hissel Valenzuela from the Culichi town, although Cupid shot them in the mere heart of Juaritos. The intriguing thing about the matter that the lovebirds decided to travel from El Paso to Las Vegas to the Little White Chappel, since that was always the plan to be executed, and neither the Delta variant in the health warning, nor that it was Tuesday that you are not supposed to get married Do not embark, nor did the climate of 116 degrees seem to celebrate this event that had been postponed for many months as a result of the pandemic, but none of this could persuade the lovers who swore eternal love before a judge, their relatives and his friends. After putting on their respective rings and they were declared husband and wife, photos and video were taken in every corner of the chapel, including Elvis Presley’s pink car, immediately afterwards, the entire delegation went to the Taskany hotel, to the buffet and to toast for the happiness of the couple. May God bless you, grant you wisdom in times of conflict, and may your love be your shield in the face of all adversity. And up, down to the center and cheers! And they continued with their honeymoon, swearing, soaked in caresses and kisses, eternal love. So so.

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