Once upon a time … Tarantino will publish 2 books, and other notes so you can forget about COVID-19

This Tuesday we share information about the following works prepared by Quentin Tarantino, the award-winning Mexican drama in Greece, an exhibition in a parking lot in Mexico City, and more.

The film opened in 2019 with Leonardo DiCaprio as a Hollywood actor and Brad Pitt as his stunt double. The film opened in 2019 with Leonardo DiCaprio as a Hollywood actor and Brad Pitt as his stunt double. AP

Quentin Tarantino, the Oscar-winning director, struck a deal to publish two books with Harper, beginning with a novelization of Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood to be published next summer.

Once Upon a Time will be a true Tarantino production: the first edition will be low-cost, like the old popular novels (known in English as “pulp fiction”) that the director loves, and will give it a “fresh, playful and shocking twist. regarding the movie, ”according to Harper.

The film opened in 2019 with Leonardo DiCaprio as a Hollywood actor and Brad Pitt as his stunt double. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards and winner of two, the film is set in Los Angeles in 1969, around the time the murders committed by the followers of Charles Manson occurred.

“In the 1970s, movie novelizations were the first adult books I read growing up,” Tarantino said in a statement released Tuesday. “And to this day I have a great affection for the genre, so as a fan of movie novelizations I am proud to announce Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood as my contribution to this literary subgenre that is often marginalized already. despite this beloved. I’m also excited to explore my characters and their world more in a literary endeavor that can (hopefully) match its cinematic counterpart. ”

Tarantino’s second book will be the non-fiction title Cinema Speculation, which Harper describes as “a deep dive into the movies of the 1970s” stemmed in part from the director’s admiration for the late New Yorker critic Pauline Kael. That book has no publication date yet.

“The book is a rich mix of essays, reviews, personal writings, and tantalizing ‘What if …?’ from one of the cinema’s most celebrated filmmakers and one of its most devoted fans, ”according to Harper, a label of HarperCollins Publishers.

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Without particular signs, a drama about a mother’s heartbreaking journey through Mexico in search of her missing teenage son while trying to reach the United States, received the highest award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece.

Organizers said debut director Fernanda Valadez’s feature film earned the Golden Alexander.

“In a cruel world of suffering, tragedy and survival, the story of an unexpected bond is born,” the organizers said in a statement. The film “begins slowly and classically and then becomes visual darkness, or hell, just like the story.”

Sin particulars also received an award this year at the Sundance Film Festival and was recently awarded as best Mexican feature film at the Morelia International Film Festival.

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When a group of artists and galleries grew tired of holding online events during the COVID-19 pandemic, they came up with another idea: a self-service exhibition in the underground parking lot of a Mexico City shopping center.

With videos, sculptures, photographs and even an old car, the contemporary exhibition at the Self-Service Museum is called ‘The objects in the mirror are closer than they appear’ in allusion to the experience of perceiving art from inside a car .

The idea was inspired in part by a men’s club that opened in Portland, Oregon, in response to COVID-19, one of the organizers said.

“It is a platform for artists to make their names known and for people to experience art in person,” commented co-creator Mariangeles Reygadas.

In other words, the art show must continue, even in the midst of a worsening pandemic. The goal is to attract visitors to museums constrained by restricted hours and capacity limits in traditional venues, while also attracting people who are tired of spending months at home.

At the exhibit, cars slowly drive through three levels of the parking lot while listening to a downloadable audio track.

The exhibition costs 35 pesos and the proceeds will be donated to an artists’ foundation, Reygadas said.

The exhibition was funded primarily by the group of architects who designed the Antara shopping center in the posh Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. The exhibit will be open to the public from November 14 to December 20, although Reygadas says he expects more self-service shows to take place even after the pandemic subsides.

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Kylie Jenner recently announced her newest collaboration in an all-green costume, which made her fans remember a very special Christmas villain from Dr. Seuss. Do you already know who it is?

Kylie X The Grinch, Jenner’s new collaboration, was revealed on November 13 on the Instagram account of the businesswoman’s brand, Kylie Cosmetics, and on the account of the author and cartoonist of children’s stories.

This new collection has lipsticks, glosses, concealers, shadow palettes with matte and shiny tones, glitter, eyeliners for eyes and lips, blush, highlighters … and we already want to see it complete!

Product prices, according to Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram, range from $ 16 to $ 375.

The full collaboration will be available starting next Thursday, November 19 on the Kylie Cosmetics website.


The world famous Galapagos Islands received the Safe Travels certification that guarantees national and foreign visitors compliance with rigorous biosecurity protocols.

This certification was granted by the Ministry of Tourism on behalf of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC, for its acronym in English) after the authorities certified compliance with such protocols.

The archipelago, located in the Pacific Ocean a thousand kilometers from the Ecuadorian coast, remained closed between mid-March and early July due to the new coronavirus pandemic, although only 233 cases were recorded on those islands.

Galapagos, Natural Heritage of Humanity since 1978, is one of the poles of attraction for world tourism due to its land and marine species, animals and plants, unique on the planet.

With information from AP and Bloomberg