Once again, Techland denies rumors about a possible Microsoft acquisition

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 02/19/2021 12:29 pm

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Last year a rumor emerged that Techland, developers of Dying Light, were to be bought by Microsoft. The Polish study quickly denied this information, but once again, these same rumors are circulating on the internet and yes, Techland He has again denied them.

Apparently, the rumors came to light again thanks to the podcast. Defining Duke, where one of the presenters hinted that Microsoft It was already preparing for another major acquisition this year. Later, the host of another podcast dedicated to Xbox assured that it was Techland, but did not want to confirm it one hundred percent.

Via Twitter, the community manager of the Polish studio stated that all these rumors were false and that Techland remains and will remain an independent study:

“I am receiving a lot of messages regarding the acquisition of Dying Light so I will answer them:

“The same rumor emerged a year ago and the situation has not changed – Techland is an independent studio and has not been purchased by another publisher.”

Apparently, its developers confirmed that Dying Light 2 It will finally come out this year but for now they have not given many details about it. Hopefully, it won’t be long to find out about your possible date.


Source: Twitter

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