on which computers will it no longer work in 2021?

Are you one of those who uses WhatsApp Web? This feature has become very popular, especially for people who use the app for work as this is a faster and more efficient way to answer a conversation.

Although WhatsApp Web has some limitations, such as you cannot make calls or video calls when you are on a computer. The platform recently announced that the 2021 version will not be compatible with some PCs, here we tell you what they will be.

WhatsApp Web will not work on some computers. Photo: Reforma

The messaging platform, one of the most important and used in the world, will not be able to be used in its web version on those computers that have Microsoft Edge Legacy as their main browser, users will receive a message that this function is not supported.

The application, which belongs to Facebook, has not yet announced the date on which this update will be made, but we advise you from now on to change your browser to one of these so that you can continue using the web version:

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari

So you want to continue enjoying the facilities of using this application on your computer, we recommend that you anticipate and make the necessary adjustments so that the change does not catch you off guard.

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