The presenter was enjoying with her daughters in the pool, when something unexpected happened

Jacky Bracamontes

Frazer Harrison / . for LARAS

Tremendous scare he got Jacky Bracamontes and her husband, Martin Fuentes, while they spent the day in the pool at home. Suddenly, a huge leaf from a palm tree fell on one of her daughters on the head.

The video shows the entire family of Jacky enjoying, including babysitters, when the big leaf fell straight from the palm tree. Immediately both Jacky like her husband, they came to the rescue of the little girl.

Obviously, his followers have been watching the girl and have not stopped asking her how she is after the accident, since the blade was huge and heavy. The good thing is that it did not happen to adults and everything was in a great scare.

Here we leave the video for you to see what happened.

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