On the brink of censorship, Miley Cyrus is shown in relaxing bath

On the brink of censorship, Miley Cyrus is shown in a relaxing bath (INSTAGRAM)

On the brink of censorship, Miley Cyrus is shown in a relaxing bath | INSTAGRAM

If there is anyone who knows how to get everyone’s attention, that is surely Miley Cyrus, American singer and actress manages to leave everyone stunned with his daring posts on social networks.

Given the case of this last photograph, placed in his stories from her official account on Instagram, where, far from preserving her privacy, besides, it is not a secret that the famous artist is not afraid when it comes to showing herself as she is.

Miley Cyrus shared a splendid image of her relaxing Saturday, while taking a bath in the tub, covering her outlined silhouette with only her hands, while very flirtatious he is smiling at the camera of his mobile phone.

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We cannot deny that the artist drew all eyes when she shared with her followers this daring photograph in which she is seen submerged in water without any clothes on, and we have not a single doubt that she ended up captivating her followers since last night, with this snapshot on the verge of censorship.

Although it is not a secret that it is not the first time, and apparently it will not be the last, in which the artist shares this type of images causing her fervent fans to go crazy.

If there is something that Cyrus has learned to do, it is to attract the attention of her fans and other Internet users, and what better way than to do it in such a peculiar and seductive way, as only she knows how to do.

Although, with each break in the relationship, she is increasingly uninhibited, since this last one, Cyrus has been much looser and more captivating, either in the images she shares with us, or in the same way, when talking about topics that are not they are always very well received by society.

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For her part, the former Disney edge, has talked a lot about how sexuality influences her, we remember that not long ago she declared that in the midst of this social isolation, caused by the global health contingency, she opted for “cyber s3xo “, a way that according to her was much safer when it came to avoiding contagion, which is why many considered the posting as a hint for someone.

Miley Cyrus comes and goes with surprises every week, coupled with the fact that we were getting used to seeing her calmer and without so many scandals when she started dating Cody Simpson, but, as much as the artists seek closeness with their fans through social networks, There is always a limit and it is not usually in the bathtub, however, Miley does not worry in the least.

In fact, on one occasion it was her now ex-boyfriend who shared a very private image of the actress, from her profile, the photo that Cody uploaded, shows Miley taking a relaxing bubble bath when she is surprised, her first reaction was to cover herself, but almost the entirety of one of her lower extremities was visible, although, really, this did not seem to bother Cyrus at all, quickly, this small clip was downloaded by a large number of fans of the young singer, and was published in various fan pages of the Tennessee artist.

When it seems that Miley cannot surprise more, she leaves everyone speechless by publishing her peculiar images, either promoting her new music and style, and at the same time when she shows us with great confidence, how she relaxes from the bathtub.