On shelves, in large format, divided, with garlands … How to successfully decorate the walls with photographs

Whether their own or someone else’s, photographs are one of the best decorative resources in any home and the best way to give life and personality to any corner of a home. But how do you position them to get the best results? These are some ideas that can be extremely useful and current.

Images climbing stairs

Interior stair walls are a great canvas to unleash creativity. Creating mosaics or collages with black and white family photos in different sizes but using the same frame color or opting for maximalism by mixing frames of different colors, thicknesses and designs can achieve surprising results.

Big time

A very different but just as effective option is to use a single XXL-size photograph as a headboard for the bed or presiding over one of the walls of the living room, the entrance hall, the kitchen or why not the bathroom itself. Another variant is to use a large format photo divided into several framed pieces and placed together a few centimeters apart. In these cases, that image becomes the center of attention, so it is advisable to choose one that impresses due to its beauty or uniqueness.

Classics that never go out of style

Choose as decorative motif photographs of old magazine covers (such as the Vogues in the image below) or black and white images of classic Hollywood actors, music stars or great top models and frame them with the same size and frames of a single Color (for example black, silver or white) can turn any wall into a stylish space.

No to the nails, yes to the shelves

One of the most used decorative resources in recent years: placing one or more shelves on the wall at different heights and placing a string of photographs on them without having to hang them one by one. Keeping the same tonality in the photos and a similar style in the framing usually gives good aesthetic results.

Photos on the floor or on a piece of furniture

Many times it is not necessary to hang a photograph on the wall to achieve the best results. If the image is of a considerable size, simply rest the frame on the floor or on a sideboard, desk or medium-height piece of furniture for the effect to be modern and attractive. In this case, perhaps it is advisable to take precautions and replace the glass with a methacrylate in case it suffers an unexpected fall to the ground or someone trips over it. In homes with small children, it is better to avoid them.

Times change, styles change

In the 21st century, frames also begin to give way to other media or formats. Nowadays it is common to find murals of small-sized or Polaroid-style photographs on a desk, bed or sofa glued with washi tape, placed on a metal rack, or hung on strings with little pins or in light garlands that allow achieve a very attractive optical effect.

Less in more?

Although the rule of less is more usually prevails in decoration, when it comes to photographs, daring to line a complete wall with snapshots can offer the best and most surprising results. For example, some buttons:

In perfect symmetry

This type of composition helps to put visual order in any environment, providing harmony and transmitting a sense of peace. For the effect to be complete, try to leave enough space between the different works, so that they breathe, and also bet on black and white to give it more symmetry.