There is a very simple way to get a PS5 before anyone else. The problem? That you have to spend 9,000 euros …

In theory, because when we talk about the new generation, many things are still speculation, the PlayStation 5 console will go on sale at the end of the year. There are barely three months left, and we still don’t know such basic things as its price, or the release date.

But there is a version that already has a reservation date, and a price. The pure gold PS5 can be reserved on September 10, with prices starting at 8,840 euros …

This is not an official version, but a customization by British jewelers Truly Exquisite. It is actually preparing three versions: one with 24 karat gold plating, one with rose gold, and one with platinum. In this video you can see the version covered in pure gold:

Of course, the prices are slightly higher than the conventional version.

Surely you already know that there are two types of PS5 console. The digital version, which does not support discs, and the standard version with a disc reader. The digital version with 24 karat gold is the cheapest of all. It will cost 7,999 pounds, about 8,840 euros To the change. The rose gold variant is worth 8,937 euros, while the platinum PS5 goes up to 9,047 euros.

The standard version with a disc player is a bit more expensive. Covered with 24 karat gold it costs 8,937 euros. With 18-karat rose gold, it costs 9,047 euros, while the platinum-coated version costs 9,157 euros.

We still do not know the price of the consoles, nor the final release date, but the question is not only which next-generation console to buy, but whether we will have to buy a new TV to get the most out of it.

All these variants include the console, two DualSense controllers and matching Pulse headphones. They are presented in a wooden box, and shipping costs are free … Only 250 units of each model will be manufactured.

In addition, Truly Exquisite sells separately the DualSense remote in pure gold for 716 euros, and the Pulse headphones for 440 euros.

Exclusive products out of reach for most. But seeing these prices, surely when Sony announces theirs they will even seem cheap …