OMG! Maluma has a girlfriend, her name is Susana Gómez

All the artist’s followers take it for granted that the young architect stole Papi Juancho’s heart.

After ending your relationship with Natalia Barulich, it seems that Maluma he found his new love. She is called Susana gomez, and is a young architect who could have stolen the heart of the Colombian singer.

The rumors began to echo a few months ago when some images of the Colombian walking next to Suzanne supposedly on the streets of New York. The two wore the same sweatshirt advertising their song « HAWAII » and seemed to enjoy their company.

« Is she Maluma’s new girlfriend? » They all wondered. It seems that way!

At the moment what is known about the girl is that she is an architect who lives far from the media and social networks, so she seems to like living in anonymity. However, interacting with papi Juancho will not help this to happen, since he is one of the greatest references of urban music at an international level.

But this does not stop here because, the relationship between the two could go from strength to strength since some images came to light in which Suzanne would share with the mother of his boy. « Like her none, » he said. Also, it seems that both attended a wedding together. What the?

When Maluma published at the end of January this year the photo next to the belly of a girl in which the hashtag 7DJ was read, many of his followers assured that it was the pregnancy of Suzanne. The artist himself was in charge of denying it when he announced the launch of his album entitled “7 Días En Jamaica”.

At the moment neither he nor the young woman have spoken about it, nor have they publicly given signals on their social networks that confirm their relationship.

Maluma revealed why he needs a private plane in his day to day

Maluma became one of the biggest musical references in the current industry. The Colombian has not only been working with other legends of musical art, but has also achieved great success in his career. Successes that he has presented live from different parts of the world and that have led him to add more and more tight events to his agenda.

Consequently, according to the artist, this is the alleged reason why he assured VEA magazine that he had to get a private plane. “We realized that taking a commercial flight did not allow us to fulfill commitments in different parts of the world. […] It is not that you are shocked to take photos and share with people, but there are times when you have to get on the plane or you will miss the flight, « he says. But that is not all.

In an interview with Nicky jam On YouTube, the singer asserted that having a plane is also « a stress » due to the costs it generates. Although in a publication through Instagram in September 2019, he also indicated that it is one of his dreams come true.