Omar Montes appears in ‘Blood ties’ and all eyes are the same

Omar Montes, in ‘Ties of blood’. (Photo: TVE)

The third installment of Blood Ties has come with controversy. The TVE program featured El Fary on Tuesday night. And, to speak of the icon of Spanish music, the format has had various collaborators, such as Carmen Alcayde, Bibiana Fernández, Elisa Beni and Omar Montes.

In the networks, many have complained about the participation of the latter and the moment of discord has arrived when Boris Izaguirre, host of the program, explained the reason why the singer was on set: “I think that, as an artist, Being from a humble neighborhood, Pan Bendito, you have triumphed. Although there are 30 years of separation between you and him, many people my age think that you are like an heir to El Fary. You have many things in common ”.

“All those people have spoken very well, because for me El Fary is my father. I respect El Fary, he is one of the great figures. It is like a spring from which all the new generations have sucked ”, the singer replied.

However, the presenter’s words have not liked all viewers and social networks have been filled with messages of astonishment. But it was not the only thing that attracted attention and that Twitter users have commented during the broadcast of the program.

Omar Montes has appeared on set with a white polo shirt and pants, which in itself has reminded everyone of a tennis player. In addition, next to the clothes and in the Olympic Games, the singer has hung a chain with a large golden medallion. White and bottled. The jokes were already served.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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