The Secretary of Citizen Security appeared on Televisa screens as a child (Photo: _mariasorteoficial_ / IG – .)

After the armed attack suffered this Friday when passing through Paseo de la Reforma, Omar García Harfuch, the Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, continues to grab the headlines from the press and now gave something to talk about for an unsuspected reason.

It was revealed that the official began his career in public life not in the field of politics, but in the middle of the show, because the son of the first actress originally from the state of Chihuahua, María Sorté, made its pinions in theater and television in the 80s.

In the informative newscast Heraldo Fin de Semana, the journalist Alejandro Sánchez He said that « Omar García Harfuch had two options: dedicate himself to being a public servant like his father, Javier García Paniagua, or dedicate himself to acting like his mother, María Sorté ”.

This statement was collected by the journalist Alex Kaffie in his press column, who also He explained that García Harfuch acted in the play Christmas story and in the soap opera Abandoned, starring his mother María Sorté and the actors José Alonso and Miguel Ángel Ferriz.

The soap opera where Omar García Harfuch participated as just a child (Video: Youtube) (YouTube @ tl14)

The official participated in said production of Televisa in 1985 as just a child, time in which the appreciation of the technicians of the television one gained.

Kaffie refers that there is an anecdote of the passage of Omar García Harfuch through the recording forums, since on one occasion and at the suggestion of his mother, he decided to raffle his full salary among the soap opera technicians in question, which earned him the affection of the workers of the production team.

« Omar García Harfuch was a boy who had everything, that is why he did not resist when his mother asked him that his fees will be raffled among the technicians of that soap opera, « wrote the journalist.

The actress shared an image from those years (Photo: Facebook María Sorté)

Long before rendering his services to the State, little Omar shared the recording set with his mother. Last May, the actress hung a photo from those years in which Omar appears in the arms of the remembered actor José Alonso.

The nostalgic image generated some comments from its followers on Facebook:

“A wonderful series, your son is simply charming, good and warm memories!”, « Ay María, what a beautiful photo, I did not remember the novel », “Since childhood, the beautiful secretary had been stealing a camera. Blessings and may your recovery be wonderful ”,“ Happy page of your life ”, were some reactions written at the bottom of the image.

The actress shared her family life with Buenavida magazine, published in the 80s (FB: María Sorté Oficial)

María Sorté was married to Javier García Paniagua, who was national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the 80s. The actress became a widow in 1998 after the politician died as a result of a heart attack, leaving her in charge of her two children.

In the same Facebook account where she shared the photos of her family life, María thanked for the signs of support received after the recent attack against Omar García.

“Thank you all very much for your prayers and tokens of affection. I never tire of thanking God for his love and mercy. Thank you all, I send you a hug. May God bless you, ”he wrote.

María Sorté shared in the 80s that she instilled the Catholic faith in her children (FB: María Sorté Oficial)

About the soap opera that meant its beginning before the public eye

Abandoned it was a melodrama based on the radio soap opera The waitress, which was very successful in its time.

In the television adaptation, the life of Daniela, a humble young woman who falls in love with Mario Alberto, a high-class young man who is manipulated by Carolina, is addressed. his demanding mother, who is stubbornly opposed to the youth relationship.

However, the protagonist falls in love with Daniela and she becomes pregnant, only to find herself abandoned to her fate by Mario Alberto. This is how Daniela meets Ernesto, who will extend his hand selflessly and will culminate in a new hope of love.


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