Olympics: how is the qualification system in boxing for Tokyo 2021?

The Olympic flame was lit. Everything is now ready for the official start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. One of the first sports to come into action will be boxing, which has some different rules than those of the professional.

Cuba, the United States and El Salvador will have boxing activity this Friday night and early Saturday morning, situation for which we know that you will not want to miss this event. For this reason, we decided to explain to you what are the rules of sport in the Olympic Games.

The rules of Olympic boxing

One of the main rules that Olympic boxing had is that they used a protective helmet to avoid illegal blows to the head, however, that regulation was terminated as of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, when competitors no longer had the obligation to use it. It was heavily criticized by doctors because of the harsh impacts that glove sports have on it.

The weight of the gloves must be 10 ounces. and with a fringe, in addition to the fact that one competitor must be dressed in blue and the other in red. Unlike professional boxing, in the Olympic boxing shirt is used.

What is the rating system like?

In professional boxing, normally there is a jury that is made up of three judges who give their score with 10 points for the winner of the round and 9 for the loser. Unless there is a fall, the opponent can go down to 8 or even 7.

In Olympic boxing, points are scored. There are five judges and for a point to be considered good, three of them must give itotherwise it will not be awarded. This situation has caused a lot of controversy due to being an appreciation sport.

For a boxer to score by hitting his opponent, you should hit him on the front of the head or body with the white stripe of the gloves.

A boxing fight consists of three rounds, each lasting three minutes, in both the men’s and women’s branches. At the end of the contest, the referee will raise the hand of the winner.

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