Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | WHO’s message of reassurance to safely host the Games

During a conference in Tokyo this Wednesday he sent a total message of optimism: “These Games have to be the moment to unite the world and ignite the solidarity and determination we need to end the pandemic together.”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also expressed his full confidence in the measures against COVID-19 in force for these Games: “There is no zero risk in life; there is only more risk or less risk. And you have done everything possible”, told the IOC, and explained: “The mark of success in the next fortnight is not zero cases, and I know that some cases have already been detected. The mark of success is to make sure that all cases are identified, isolated, tracked and taken care of as quickly as possible, and that the transmission is interrupted. That is the mark of the success of all the countries “.

Tokyo 2020

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Dr. Tedros continued and sent a message of solidarity: “The Olympic Games unite the nations of the world in competition as athletes strive to fulfill the Olympic motto of” higher, faster, stronger, together. ” The motto applies equally to our current challenge: we must be faster in delivering vaccines around the world; we must aim higher by vaccinating 70 percent of the entire population of all countries by the middle of next year; we must be stronger to remove all barriers that stand in our way to speed up production; and we must do it all together, in solidarity ”.

While raising the Olympic torch, the WHO Director-General concluded: “May the Olympic torch be a symbol of hope that crosses the planet. And may the rays of hope from this land of the rising sun illuminate a healthier, safer and fairer new dawn.”

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Tokyo 2020

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Tokyo 2020

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