Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | What you missed this morning: Dressel’s second gold and final for Nico García

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Dressel takes another step towards the six golds

Caeleb Dressel took a new step to get the six gold medals to which he aspires at the Tokyo Olympics, by hanging his second gold metal on Thursday. The American won the final of the 100 meters freestyle with a time of 47.02 seconds, a new Olympic record.

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A record that allowed Dressel, winner of the last two World Cups, to be just 6 hundredths ahead of the Australian Kyle chalmers, champion five years ago in Rio, and this time he occupied a lower step of the podium. Completed the medals Kliment Kolesnikov that bronze was raised.

Swimming | For six hundredths! Dressel, gold and Olympic record in the 100 free

No rowing options for Spain

The two without a helmsman of the Spanish Jaime Canalejo and Javier García They finished sixth and last in the final of the Tokyo Olympics, dominated with authority by the Croatian pair of Martin and Valent Sinkovic, who revalidated the title won in Rio five years ago.

Canalejo and García, on 6th Street, on a suffocating morning in the Sea Forest Canal despite the early hour, made the fifth time at 500 meters, the fourth at 1,000 and the sixth at 1,500, which they could no longer improve.

Rowing | Canalejo and García, sixth in the final of the two without a male helmsman

In the same position, the couple formed by Aina Cid and Virginia Díaz (sixth). The Spanish, bronze in the Europeans of Varese 2021, could not keep up with the final and finished in sixth position, a position they could not improve during their final. Grace Prendergast and Keri Gowler, world champions in 2019, are the new Olympic champions. Silver went to Russia, at 1:26, and bronze to Canada, at 1:91.

Rowing | Cid and Díaz, sixth, without options for a medal in the two without a female helmsman

Nico García, in the final of 200 meters backstroke

The Spanish swimmer Nicolás García surprised again and qualified for the grand final of the 200 backstroke with the fifth best mark. The Madrid-born, only 19 years old and making his debut in an Olympic event, finished third in his series with a time of 1: 56.35, seven tenths better than his personal best.

Swimming | Brutal Nico Garcia! At the end of the 200 back with the fifth best time

Worse luck was Hugo González, who was eliminated in the second semifinal of the 200 styles, the test in which he arrived in the Japanese capital as the current European champion. The Spanish swimmer, who was sixth in the 100 backstroke, was 32 hundredths behind the veteran Hungarian Laszlo Cseh and could not get the ticket for his second final at these Tokyo Olympics.

Neither could Jessica Vall qualify, who, as happened five years ago in Rio, was at the gates of the Olympic final, after being eliminated in the semifinals of the 200 breaststroke. The Sant Andreu swimmer watched the final slip away by 1.14 seconds.

Swimming | Jessica Vall runs out of end in the 200 breaststroke

Steadfast step in handball and water polo

The Spanish women’s handball team achieved its second victory against Brazil (27-23) in the Tokyo 2020 group stage and is one step closer to qualifying for the round of 16. Nerea Pena’s seven goals and Silvia Navarro’s 18 saves, key in confirming the resurrection of ‘Las Guerreras’.

Two days after beating France, the current Olympic runner-up (28-25), Las Guerreras inclined the match against Brazil in the second half on their side, after having gone to rest with a draw at 13 goals.

Handball (F) | Spain-Brazil: The ‘Guerreras’ continue to grow (27-23)

This is the Tokyo 2020 medal table

Other featured golds

Izaac Stubblety-Cook was proclaimed Olympic champion in the 200-meter breaststroke category swimming men by signing a time of 2: 06.38, which represents a new Olympic record. Australian Stubblety-Cook beat Dutchman Arno Kamminga, silver 63 hundredths behind the winner; and the Finn Matti Mattson, third at 75 hundredths.

Swimming | Stubblety-Cook extends Australia’s golden streak in 200 breaststroke

Secondly, Robert Finke surprised everyone and took the gold in the 800 meters freestyle males with a time of 7: 41.87. The American Finke beat the Italian Gregorio Platrinieri, silver when he arrived 24 hundredths later, and the Ukrainian Mykhailo Romanchuk, the great candidate for being the defender of the Olympic record, who had to settle for bronze.

Swimming | Finke surprises and takes the gold in the final of the 800 free

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