Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Tennis | Naomi Osaka has broken her silence after her controversial proposal to the media

Naomi Osaka has once again monopolized the media spotlight at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where she acts as the host and where she was the protagonist when lighting the Olympic cauldron in the eyes of the whole world. In addition, the Japanese tennis player It has also broken its silence and has returned to serve the media displaced to Tokyo, thus breaking with his promise not to do it during Roland-Garros, where he starred in a media campaign and decided to retire and take time to regain his mental health.

Naomi Osaka, the person in charge of the spectacular lighting of the cauldron

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This same month, Naomi Osaka was the cover of the sports magazine Sports Illustrated, where he already gave his first public statements after his controversy.

I hope there are pieces that people can see reflected in and others that help people understand why I have made these decisions. If not, nothing happens, I have taken a while, but I realized that I can not please everyone and I do not try.

After that pose came the Olympic Games and her victory in her debut against the Chinese Zeng (6-1, 6-4), which monopolized the media spotlight of all the media on her return to the slopes. The Japanese, breaking with her plan and her initial idea, and returned to attend the media in her homeland after her two matches in the women’s team.

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He has given two interviews

“I’m focused on playing tennis”, Osaka said after winning the first singles phase. “Playing in the Olympics has been a dream for me since I was a child, so I feel like the rest was very necessary, but I definitely feel a bit renewed and happy again,” she said when asked about her condition.

The Japanese said she felt “very nervous” on her Olympic debut and for the first time she has played in Japan in two years. “It was definitely stressful. But I am glad that I was able to win, (Zheng) is a very tough opponent,” she said in remarks provided by the event organizers.

“It has been some time since I last played, but I feel, more than anything, just happy to be here. We are playing in the middle of a pandemic and it is really tough for everyone,” added Osaka, in what has been his first and so far last public appearance.

After losing her second-round match to Czech Marketa Vondrusova, she also attended to the media, raising great expectations. Perhaps from this moment and his participation in Tokyo 2020 he will reconsider his position before the media after his controversial appearance at Roland-Garros.

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