Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Simone Biles becomes the first athlete with her own emoji!

The figure of the goat, ‘goat’ in English, refers to the acronym GOAT (‘Greatest Of All Time’, the best in history), from common use in networks to refer to great athletes like Usain Bolt or Roger Fededer.

From today, when writing the label on twitter #Simone or #SimoneBiles A goat appears automatically next to her doing a ‘split’, with the red equipment that the gymnast uses often and with a gold medal on her chest.

Tokyo 2020

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Biles herself, winner of four gold and one bronze medals at the 2016 Rio Games and the holder of 25 world medals, 19 of them gold, she has once worn a goat in her competition tights.

The athletes who Twitter had granted their own emoji so far, such as American football players Pat Mahomes or Tom Brady, were all men.

Simone biles will start competing in the Tokyo Games next Sunday, in the team qualifying round.

The United States delegation announced this Wednesday that Biles and her teammates will not stay in the Olympic Village, but in a hotel, as a preventive measure against covid-19.

This is the Ariake Gymnastics Center, where Simone Biles wants to make history

Tokyo 2020

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Tokyo 2020

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