Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Simone Biles and the American gymnastics team leave the Olympic Village

Simone biles, considered one of the best gymnasts of all time and called to glory in these Olympic Games, has started her adventure in Tokyo with uncertainty after the positive in Covid-19 of Kara eaker, alternate for the United States Gymnastics Team. Before this situation, Kara Eaker and Leanne Wong, also a substitute, have been placed in isolation to avoid more infections, and the rest of the gymnastics team has decided to leave the Olympic Village and stay in a hotel near the Olympic site.

The decision has been agreed between the United States Gymnastics Federation (USA Gymnastics) and by the coaches of the athletes, to isolate the rest of the team of gymnasts from the United States, who eat and train separately in the hotel, as the federation itself has reported.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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While waiting for possible new positives, the 10 gymnasts of the main gymnastics team of the United States, with Simone Biles at the head, left on their social networks images of athletes in the Olympic village and in the competition arena, which set off the alarms and made the team act immediately. Simone Biles’ participation in the JJ. OO. he doesn’t seem to be in danger.

This is the Ariake Gymnastics Center, where Simone Biles wants to make history

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

This is the Ariake Gymnastics Center, where Simone Biles wants to make history


Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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