Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Osaka or Tyson, other athletes who suffered the pressure like Biles

TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC GAMES: SCHEDULE, SCHEDULES, DATES AND MEDAL OPTIONS FOR SPAIN On the afternoon of July 27 in Tokyo, I sounded the horn with the withdrawal from the Olympic Games. by Simone Biles, despite leading the qualifying round. The American decided to “focus on her mental health”, in addition to alleging self-esteem problems: “I no longer trust myself so much. Maybe it’s because I am getting older. We are not just athletes. We are people after all and sometimes we have to take a step back “, specified Biles.

The gymnastics queen was diagnosed in her childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), for which he follows a pharmacological treatment with psychostimulants. To this is added that he takes another medication to combat anxiety after denouncing in 2018 the sexual abuse of Larry Nassar, a former doctor of his country’s team.

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The most recent precedent for flash is that of Naomi osaka. The Japanese tennis player decided to leave Roland Garros last May after being sanctioned with 15,000 euros for not attending press conferences and later admitting bouts of depression since the 2018 US Open. Press appearances have been and continue to be a mental slab for the world’s number two.

Another recognized case was that of Mike Tyson in 1988. The American boxer, heavyweight champion, acknowledged upon his return from the Soviet Union that he suffered manic depression, which is why he underwent psychiatric treatment. He revealed that he was born with this disease, he speculated that his success could be due to that circumstance, as well as acknowledging having lost control of his personality on several occasions.

Those who also invited reflection with their stages of emotional vulnerability were, for example, footballers Andrés Iniesta or Paul Gascoigne. After scoring the goal that made history in the World Cup final in South Africa against Holland, the Spaniard acknowledged going through a depression which coincided with the period in which he was contesting the competition with the Spanish team. Secondly, the Englishman underwent treatment for stress and depression in October 1988, speculated on problems with alcohol, and was even admitted to a London clinic.

Special mention, of course, to Australian swimmer with five Olympic golds Ian Thorpe and to Spanish record holder in 50 meters butterfly Rafa Múñoz, the forward of the Spanish basketball team Álex Abrines or the Spanish long jumper Yago Lamela. A list that can be extended even more and that requires rigor to put a short-term solution to it and stop its proliferation.


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Tokyo 2020

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