Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Méndez: “I’m suffering a lot. Sport is doing me badly”

Arley mendez lives a Calvary since long before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics And so he shows it before the cameras announcing his withdrawal, breaking down in tears, flooded with pain. Although this athlete is known not only for his triumphs in the weightlifting, but because of its complicated past, now it has not gone unnoticed in front of the viewer.

The Chilean, after being last in his category, showed his discomfort before the Araucanian cameras saying that he could not fulfill what he expected nor fulfill his country. The weightlifter was disappointed with himself and dejected by a sports career that no longer allows him to advance. “Yes I like to compete, but I am suffering a lot. I am not advancing any more. Sport is doing me wrong and I have to take another course. I was positive, to do my best, but it did not happen.”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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A month ago, a positive for cannabis almost knocked him out of the competition. This decision was considered by the athlete himself, who, feeling surrendered by his physical and mental situation, smoked 48 hours before a control to avoid attending the Games. “In 2018 the problems began. Then I continued, and I screwed my right leg with a stress fracture. I have hernias in my back. I’m done shit. I’m not for this anymore.”

Arley Mendez falls during the men’s 81kg competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Image source: Eurosport

The president of the Chilean Olympic Committee, as well as all the countrymen, have felt uncomfortable by the athlete’s statements, since now is when it has been known that it was planned by him, but nevertheless they want to draw a thick veil on the situation. very similar examples are seeing the light in these Games and it is a very delicate subject. In any case, “he needs urgent help,” says an athlete in Tokyo.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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