Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, handball | Sweden-Spain and all the quarterfinals, seen by Hombrados (06:15)

1. Denmark is the defender of the Rio Olympic title and has been impressive in Group B. They will face Norway in the quarter-finals. How do you think this meeting will unfold ?: “Without a doubt it is a very, very complicated game. I think about it because the equality between the two teams is maximum and both teams know each other very well, although I think that the potential and the danger of Denmark is much greater. Against Sweden perhaps we saw a certain trait of weakness, but there was nothing at stake and it was normal. It will be a great match and I think Denmark is slightly superior. ”

2. Spain have given a good image in the league A. Do you think their performances so far will give them confidence to reach the quarter-finals against Sweden ?: ” After the group stage, we have very good feelings for the game against Sweden. The injuries and the changes have not helped either, and even so we have obtained great results. In the Olympic Games there is no easy game, but I think we have had our worst day and tomorrow we will be able to play a good game because we have the potential for it. To win these competitions you have to face the best. ”

3. France, silver medalists in Rio, finished first in Group A and, unsurprisingly, they look like one of the teams to beat. What should they keep in mind in their quarter-final match against X? Do you think they are serious contenders for the gold medal ?: “The aspirations of France are very clear because they have a very powerful team, and that is evident. They combine experience and youth, although the main problems they may have are mainly in the defense of the team. Anyway, they have played games of a high level and they have done it with a lot of authority. France is a very difficult opponent that can make things very difficult for any other team. Against Bahrain, France is very favorite. ”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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José Javier Hombrados analyzes Spain’s victory against Norway

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4. Germany won the bronze medal in Rio, but have lost X games in the group stage in Tokyo. What do you have to do to beat an exciting Egyptian team and secure a spot in the semi-finals ?: ” Germany, without being at their best, has played good games and is an important candidate, without a doubt. The squad has significant experience with veteran and young players and does not have a bad game in the next round. Egypt and Sweden are very tough opponents and actually at this point in the tournament, either team is a tough sell. ”

5. Norway have also lost two games in the group stage, but have faced France. What challenge will the next game pose for them ?: ” Norway is the most difficult crossing. Because emotionally and technically to be able to beat Denmark is a feat that always marks an era. Both teams know each other very well but I insist, Denmark’s offensive power is decisive for this. ”

6. Sweden beat their great rival, Norway, in their last match of the group stage. How will this affect you heading into the quarterfinals against Spain ?: ” It’s a confidence boost without a doubt. The rising line of level and performance. We have to be focused to overcome the Swedish defense if we want to have a calm and smooth game. I trust the dynamics of Spain, which are all positive energies and reasons to trust. ”

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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