Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Guinea-Conakry resigns to participate in the Games due to Covid-19

The alerts had already jumped in recent days due to delays in the departure of the Guinean delegation, although some members of the delegation were already in Japan.

It had finally been announced that they would fly on Tuesday, July 20, with very little margin for the recovery and acclimatization of the participants.

Tokyo 2020

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However, the airline tickets were also not issued. The Ministry of Sports reported in a statement that,

The Government of the Republic of Guinea, anxious to preserve the health of Guinean athletes, decided with regret to cancel Guinea’s participation in the 32nd Olympiad scheduled in Tokyo.

According to Guinéenews, this It will be the third time that this West African country does not participate in an edition of the Olympic Games, along with Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976.

The Guinean Olympic team was composed by the athlete Aïssata Deen Conte; swimmers Mamadou Bah and Mariana Touré; the judoka Mamadou Samba Bah and the wrestler Fatoumata Camara.

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In the case of the latter, she herself had already announced this week his resignation to participate in the Olympic event unless Guinea remedied the non-payment of premiums that corresponded to it, both for its participation in Tokyo and for its performance in previous sporting events.

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