Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, football | Argentina-Australia: The albiceleste stumbles and complicates life

Match sheet

0 – Argentina: Ledesma, De La Fuente (Herrera, m.62), Pérez, Medina, Ortega; Vera, Colombatto (Belmonte, m.78); Valenzuela (Ponce, m.46), Mac Allister (Payero, m.78), Barco (de La Vega, m.82); Gaich.

2 – Australia: Glover; Atkinson, Souttar, Deng, King; McGree (D’Agostino, m.79), Metcalfe, Genreau (Baccus, m.88); Wales (Watts, m.72), Duke and Arzani (Tilio, m.79).

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Goals: 0-1, min.14: Wales. 0-2, min. 80: Tilio.

Referee: Srdan Jovanović (Serbia) sent off Ortega (m.45 + 1 and m.45 + 3) for a double yellow and admonished Gaich (m.63), Medina (m.67) and Ponce (m.85) by Argentina, while admonished Duke (m.32), McGree (m.45 + 3), Atkinson (m.48), Metcalfe (m.50), Genreau (m.56), Souttar (m.86) and Watts (90 + 1) by Australia.

Stadium: Sapporo Dome.

The chronic

Argentina He started his career at the Olympic Games on the wrong foot and, like Spain, with which he shares favoritism in Group C, he was unable to successfully solve his Olympic debut after falling against Australia (0-2), in a duel he faced with one less man in the second half.

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The South Americans dominated the ball, but it was of no use to them. Australia was planted with a 4-4-2 pressing up and looking for, and finding, the counterattacks. It didn’t take long for it to hurt. Long ball to the back of the Albiceleste defender so that Joel King, left back, surprised from behind, rushing the bottom line and serving the ball to Lachlan Wales to finish at pleasure at the far post. 0-1 in the 14th minute.

Argentina tried to react and Carlos Fernando Valenzuela He had the best chance after a cut in the area, but the ball was taken out by central Souttar just before he sneaked into the goal. Danger that he did not recreate.

Meanwhile, Australia continued warning the counterattack and was able to score up to two times, but both plays were canceled by a just offside. What’s more, Riley McGree he was about to score one of the goals of the tournament at m.29 with a Chilean inside the area, but Ledesma managed to save her in two halves. Of course, a quarter of an hour later he would be the protagonist.


Francisco Ortega was sent off for a double yellow in just three minutes. The first in a lateral foul and the second before the service of the same. The referee, the Serbian Srdan Jovanović, previously warned that he did not want to grab hold, but McGree and the Argentine defender got hooked and the referee decided to deliver justice with a yellow to each player.

Another hard blow from Argentina, this on the edge of halftime, and he did not recover. The game became tense in the second half, with up to five cautions, in a rhythm that benefited Australia; the less things will happen with the ball, the better.

And in this desperation and numerical advantage he also had opportunities to increase the income before, but Ledesma took a shot from Arzani in minute 47 stuck to the left stick and already in 70 a point-blank shot from Caleb watts; thus demonstrating the great reflexes that he has and that he wore in LaLiga Santander last season with Cádiz.

Finally, the final 0-2 came in the 80th minute. Marco Tilio came out onto the pitch and not 30 seconds later, on the first ball he touched, he scored. Great cross shot stuck to the stick that served to certify the victory Australian that makes the first day of Group C close as the first after the draw between Egypt and Spain (0-0) .LIVE EVERY MOMENT UNMISSABLE ON THE EUROSPORT APP

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Football | Tilio scores against Argentina the first goal of Tokyo 2020


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