Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, football | Antonio Sanz Wednesdays: RAFA MIR BREAKS THE FALSE ‘9’

Before, Rafa Mir scored a triplet that made Luis de la Fuente vary in his firm principle of playing without a center forward.

Football (H) | Semifinals, Japan-Spain: ‘Asensiazo’ already for the gold against Brazil (0-1)

The extension resolved a semifinal that was inevitably heading to penalties. The coach, for the first time in the tournament, had given up the idea of ​​playing with a false ‘9’. This time, Rafa Mir’s performance in the quarterfinals against Ivory Coast triggered the modification in the starting line-up. The sacrificed turned out to be Asensio, who ultimately resolved the match. But it is that the Cartagena striker had taken oil a few days before as soon as he stepped on the grass with a bit in extremis that forced the extraordinary time. In that section of the clash, he shook off two more goals and Spain was able to participate in the duel against Japan. The applause is baited with a group of footballers who have made history and who will fight for a second gold medal almost thirty years later.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Football (H) | Asensio’s goal that all Spain has shouted and is worth an Olympic medal

A tall, little recognized striker, with little international pedigree, has become the new star of Olympic Spain. A true football globetrotter who at the age of 24 faces a market that will change his life. Owned by English Wolverhampton, he will safely leave an entity where he has hardly been granted opportunities. Transfer after transfer and team after team are quantified to complete a formation that can now lead him to a LaLiga great. This inhospitable journey, successfully completed, has caused Atlético de Madrid or Sevilla The option to sign him is silver. The icing on the cake and the Ivory Coast night have placed Mir in a privileged position. The English live condemned to sell because the ram penetrates in the last year of the contract. And although the disbursement made in its day was scarce -two million euros-, it is time to get a slice for a footballer who does not seduce in the Premier League.

Rafa Mir, The son of a footballer, he was born when his father was active in the Cartagena. He started the sport being a predator in Murcian futsal to give way, at the age of twelve, to his first adventure: he moved to play in the Barça quarry. In the farmhouse He lived two years before not fitting in and returning to Murcia. A year later he chose to continue growing at Valencia CF. At the age of fifteen, he left the family home again to stand out in the Mestalla. The goals fell out of his pockets and he passed the stages with skill. However, and after debuting in the first team, the disagreement to renew the contract ended up expelling him from the first dressing room and from the entity, which considered that the best option, in the face of rebellion, was to sell the young man before concluding the expiring bond in a few months. Precisely, the same coach who gave him the alternative in Valencia was the one who opted for him. Nuno, however, gave him a few minutes in Wolverhampton, so it was considered forced to chain one club after another. This is how he ended up at UD Las Palmas, Nottingham Forest and SD Huesca, where he exploded and established himself as a regular scorer.

In the Huesca club, he collaborated to promote to First and woke up in the highest category, after eighteen months of good performance with the Catalans. Such is the acquired comfort that Simeone and Lopetegui have willingly accepted the proposals made by Berta and Monchi. And here the pulse begins between two contenders for the championship fight. El Cholo considers that it is a good alternative for Suárez, once he has understood that Griezmann’s salary is unattainable for the rojiblanca economy. Meanwhile, Julen’s Sevilla see it appropriate to sign Rafa Mir as an alternative to De Jong, or to replace the Dutchman. The two clubs have also probed the Deportivo Alavés forward, Joselu, but the option of the Olympic scorer is more feasible, despite the fact that Mir has managed to quadruple his valuation in this post-pandemic football. The estimate of the price requested by the English is aimed at twelve million euros.

Football | De la Fuente, in Eurosport: “Now we have to go down in history”

From the source He must rethink whether, to face Brazil, he keeps Rafa Mir in the starting eleven or decides to reward Marco Asensio for his goal in the semifinals. The taste of the Olympic coach is clear and only the three goals scored by the Cartagena striker forced the perpetual plan to be rectified. The debate is served with the intention of knowing if it will return to the origin or maintain a Spain more offensive with Rafa on the grass. The tournament’s top national scorer offered more depth to the Spanish attack, while deftly pinning down the Japanese center-backs. It has been proven that a ‘9’ is necessary to free those forwards who harass and move on the sides and who face the game with a reference located in the axis of the attack. However, everything indicates that the Riojan coach will return to his security system, which is none other than Mir’s return to the bench. Everything is to hang the gold medal.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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