Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Enjoy the best moments of the Opening Ceremony

Despite the lack of public and the measures for the coronavirus, the organization managed to do an enormous job and give us a great show, worthy of an appointment like this. We bring you the best moments that have been lived in the National Stadium of Tokyo.

Naomi Osaka was in charge of lighting the cauldron

Tokyo 2020

“Imagine”, the song with which Alejandro Sanz triumphed at the Opening Ceremony


The Japanese tennis player was in charge of taking the last relay of the torch and lighting the Olympic cauldron. Until that moment, the identity of the person in charge of holding such a privilege was unknown. With a very serious demeanor, the winner of four Grand Slams, lit the flame and declared the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games inaugurated.

The Spanish delegation had a great time

Waiter! … The party of the Spanish delegation before the opening ceremony

Relive the Spanish parade: the smiles of Craviotto and Mireia and all the excitement of the team

Technological deployment and Alejandro Sanz as guest star

After the parade of all the delegations, it gave way to one of the most emotional parts of the ‘show’ and also one of the impressive ones that have been seen in the history of the ceremonies. More than two thousand drones filled the sky of Tokyo forming the logo of the Games and later the globe. All this to the sound of ‘Imagine’, by John Lennon, covered by artists from all over the world, including the great Alejandro Sanz.

“Imagine”, the song with which Alejandro Sanz triumphed at the Opening Ceremony

The most awaited moment, the parade of delegations

Greece opened the parade of 206 delegations participating in these Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. It had to be a reduced parade, due to sanitary and protocol measures due to the coronavirus, but it was not without great moments.

For example, the Argentines were the ones who most encouraged and enjoyed and squeezed the most out of this unforgettable moment.

It couldn’t be others! Argentines go crazy singing and jumping during the parade

The delegations were passing and in position 88 it was Spain’s turn. Saúl Craviotto and Mireia Belmonte they stood out as flag bearers of Spain and led with honor and pride all the athletes present and those who could not attend the ceremony.

Relive the Spanish parade: the smiles of Craviotto and Mireia and all the excitement of the team

Pita Taufatofua He did not disappoint and was once again one of the main characters of the inaugural parade. This is the third time he has been a flag bearer for Tonga and he always comes out bare-chested. The first time was in Rio 2016, but its most iconic appearance was when it came out like this in the Winter Olympics in Pieonchang 2018. In the summer games he participates in taekwondo and in the winter games as a skier.

Torso in the air and showing off muscles: Pita, the flag bearer of Tonga, did not fail in his staging

The athletes of Kyrgyzstan, led by their flag bearers, marksman Kubanychbekova Kanykei and swimmer Denis Petrashov, paraded without masks at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Ugly gesture from Kyrgyzstan? The only ones who marched without masks

The French standard bearer, Samir Ait Said, He did not leave anyone indifferent when he was about to lead his companions, he left the flag to the other standard bearer, Clarisse Agbegnenou, to separate a bit from the group and perform an impressive backflip and raise the applause and cheers of the French who prepared to parade with a big smile after witnessing the ‘backflip’.

Spectacular ‘backflip’ of the French flag bearer to open the parade of his country

Exciting minute of silence in honor of all COVID victims

During the opening ceremony, the organizers did not want to forget about all the victims that the coronavirus has left in the last year, and for what the Games were one year old, and they wanted to observe a most emotional minute of silence in honor to all the people who have left us in the world because of this disease.

The exciting minute of silence in honor of the Covid victims

Tokyo presents its old essence, with wood and Edo as protagonists

Tokyo, the host city of the international event, formerly known as Edo from the year 1603 to 1868, presented one of the characteristics that flourished during this period, the use of wood and carpenter work, traditional symbols of careful work and Japanese architecture.

The dancers, dressed in “haori” or kimono jackets, as the workers of the time used to dress, threw themselves on wooden scaffolds, striking like carpenters this element, essential in Japanese culture

To the rhythm of a popular song, a tribute to the Edo Firefighters Association, essential before and now in the country to safeguard these structures from fire, the cast of actors was deployed in the center of the Olympic Stadium. Led by a powerful Miki Maya, well-known actress of the Takarazuka female theater, they carried the Olympic rings, made of a very special wood and four meters in diameter, to the center.

The start of the ceremony

Very exciting and representative. The loneliness of the athletes was reflected during the pandemic, with the actors doing sports alone.

Tokyo 2020

Waiter! … The party of the Spanish delegation before the opening ceremony


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