Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Did you know? The silver in shot put that has the Hulk as his alter ego

Throughout the Olympic Games there are many curious and striking images of athletes due to their appearance or behavior, and Raven saunders it sure is going to be one of those. The U.S. team’s shot putter has not only stood out for winning a silver medal, but also his curious interventions on camera and his inspiring words about his sexuality, racial conflicts and mental problems they have served to put the spotlight on her and her story.

Zap Pure Olympics: Raven Saunders and her show during the Games

This 25-year-old African-American athlete, openly homosexual and from South Carolina, managed to finish second in her competition and during the medal ceremony she made a gesture where she raised her arms and crossed them in an “X” shape. Raven herself commented that it represented the point of union where all oppressed people meet.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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After receiving the medal wanted to support “all the people around the world who do not have a platform to be heard. I am part of many communities “, added the same one that marked a twerking to put the icing on his latest release.

Raven Saunders after receiving the silver medal

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About your mental problems

Saunders, who debuted as an Olympian at Rio 2016, acknowledged having considered suicide in 2018At the worst he was mentally due to the great pressure he felt and from which he could not escape. She herself tells that She was saved by contacting her former therapist, who helped her deal with all the bad things about the sport that have now earned her a silver medal

It’s okay to be strong. And it’s also okay not to be strong 100% of the time. It’s okay to realize that you need some people. “

Hulk as alter ego

Before her peculiar gesture on the podium, the athlete already He had attracted the attention of people with his hair dyed green and purple and for his collection of masks, inspired by characters from Marvel comics such as the Hulk or the Joker. Saunders goes to the Hulk as his alter ego and as a reflection of how he has been able to learn to control his tremendous power in a measured way.

Raven saunders

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The American described how she had grown up watching black athletes like Venus and Serena Williams win, “young black women with beads in their hair, without asking for any kind of apology,” that’s what visibility means to her. Now he hopes to inspire confidence in other people through his accomplishments (and his honesty).

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Zap Pure Olympics: Raven Saunders and her show during the Games


Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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