Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Chema Martínez reviews in Eurosport the great names to follow in athletics

The first gold medal in athletics will be won in the men’s 10,000 meters on Friday night. In the absence of champion Mo Farah, it looks like world record holder Joshua Cheptegei and world leader Jacob Kiplimo will be the favorites. Will it be a two horse race or do you think someone else could pose a serious threat to these two talented Ugandans ?: ” Cheptegei and Kiplimo are the top two dominators and big favorites. I imagine that there may be some surprises due to the weather and temperature conditions, but I find it difficult that someone can compromise that either of us wins. The winner I think 100% will be one of the two. Carlos Mayo is at a great level but I don’t think it’s enough to be a real rival for Joshua or Jacob. ”

Sifan Hassan is also in fantastic shape this year and is entered in the 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 meters. It would be an incredible achievement if he got the treble. How realistic is it that he competes in all three events and if he could win the treble ?: ” I think it is one of the greatest daring that can occur in this sport. It’s crazy. That an athlete can compete in these three tests with the ambition to win because it is a major challenge. Just competing in one of those three tests is already an enormous effort and work, trying to do it in three in total is already something from another planet. Without a doubt, it will be a spectacle to see him compete in these very special Olympic Games, complicating such demanding tests as these, deciding to participate in all three. If it succeeds in meeting that goal, it will be one of Tokyo’s greatest feats. ”

World 200-meter champion Dina-Asher Smith will double the 100 and 200 meters in Tokyo and seek her first individual Olympic medal. He is a phenomenal talent, how far do you think he can go in Tokyo ?: ” We are talking about stars of this sport and that it is very difficult to know what the limit of talents of this type can be. Dina and any athlete of that caliber can go where they want to go. We’ll see what she’s capable of, but I think Dina can write many chapters in the history of this sport. ”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Karsten Warholm broke the world record for the men’s 400m hurdles a few weeks ago in Oslo at the age of 29, and is obviously the big favorite for gold in Tokyo. After the race he said that he could need a world record to win the Olympic title, how likely is it that we will see something special from the Norwegian? we have to see in Eurosport. They are tests that have magic. And Karten or Benjamin are athletes who have extraordinary potential and they both like this type of event. They duel in style and after the world record, Warholm is one of the big names in Tokyo. ”

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is another Norwegian that the whole world will be following closely after breaking the European record of 5,000 meters at the Diamond League held in Florence last month. What kind of acting do you think he’s capable of in Tokyo ?: ” I think Jabok’s whole life has been directed at this moment. He has intentionally prepared for tests like this. He insists on standing up to the rest of the African rivals with that character that he has as a good Nordic and I think he comes at his best. Jakob has great options to touch the glory in Tokyo and we will have a great time with him. ”

Trayvon Brommel is the fastest man in the world in the 100 meters, with an impressive 9.77 seconds, and Usain Bolt has pointed to him as the man to watch. How easy do you think it will be for him to win the gold medal for the United States ?: ” Easy easy there is nothing. You have to watch the first few rounds to see exactly how all the candidates are physically doing. Trayvon is a favorite, a very favorite but he has to have all his senses so as not to make any mistakes at the beginning, because in these events it is very easy to make mistakes. ”

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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