Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 | Biles, overwhelmed with the support received: “I am more than my results”

“The torrent of love and support that I have received has made me realize that I am more than my results and my gymnastics, which I never really believed before,” he posted Biles in their networks.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Times and Dates

This comment from Simone Biles, the first to upload to her networks after taking a step aside in Tokyo 2020 and admitting that he has mental health problems, went viral immediately and was responded to with new signs of support, especially by people who have suffered the same difficulties.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Biles, absolute dominator of world gymnastics since 2013, made a call in Tokyo “to protect the body and mind” of athletes.

Withdrawn from the team and individual finals of the Games, the evaluation of the doctors will determine if he can play the team finals of the days August 1, 2 and 3.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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