Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Basketball | Spain and the United States reissue the 2004 Athens quarterfinals

The United States once again crosses the path of Spain in the Olympic Games. After being second in the group after falling to Luka Doncic’s Slovenia (87-95), the draw wanted to be the protagonist and will again face Spain against the American ‘Dream team’, which was already the executioner in a quarter-final in Athens 2004. We remember it.

Pau Gasol’s Olympic debut

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Scariolo and Pau Gasol, optimistic about the United States: “We always give them war”


In that Olympic event, Spain aimed to stardom with a pristine first phase in which the team trained by Mario Pesquera in those JJ. OO. He made the plenary session and was classified as first in the group, showing off a game and a solidity available to few. The victories against China in the debut (58-83), Argentina (87-76), Italy (63-71), Serbia and Montenegro (76-68), and New Zealand (88-84) were exciting in the Olympic debut of Pau Gasol.

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After a perfect group stage, the capricious fate put the United States on the path of Spain too soon, after the Americans finished fourth in their group. A Spain full of young talent faced the almighty American Nightmare Team led by players of the stature of Allen Iverson, Lebron James and Tim Duncan, but the executioner of the team was Stephon Marbury.

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A ‘Dream Team’ disaster, but Marbury had his best night

The Knicks point guard played one of the great games of his career with 31 points, and put Spain down with a high percentage of success from the line of three, with 6 of 9 in triples. Pau Gasol, in his first Olympic appointment, sought the feat with his 29 points, in the first half (18 points) where he was unstoppable, with powerful and fast movements in the high and low post, where Lamar Odom and Amare Stoudemire met. they were constantly outmatched by reversals.

Finally Spain fell 102-94 and said goodbye to all their options Athens 2004, and later the final of Beijing 2008 and London 2012 would arrive where the American ‘Dream Team’ snatched the glory from Spain again. In Tokyo 2020, the draw has wanted to reissue that appointment of Athens 2004 with different circumstances, and where Scariolo’s men want to change the course of history, with Pau Gasol closing a cycle where the United States embittered its start in the Olympic Games.

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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