Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, basketball | Pau Gasol, in Eurosport: “The game against Slovenia is going to be a good test”

The stronghold of this selection spoke with our special envoy to Tokyo, Antonio Arenas, after the victory in the second game of the group stage at these Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Pau Gasol he played 17 minutes with numbers of 9 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists and was key in the moments that the Argentines approached on the scoreboard. The one from Sant Boi had a few words about this game and about the next one in which Spain will play the first place in the group against Luka Doncic’s Slovenia.


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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Sensations after the brilliant match in Spain

“It was a tough game, they always force you to compete and be good in attack and defense. We have not started very well, but we have been able to take control of the game and work each possession to bring us victory. “

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Next game against Doncic’s Slovenia, what challenges does it pose?

“It will be a difficult game, he is playing very well, scoring a lot of points. It all starts from Luka and it will be a challenge to face this match against them. Now it’s time to enjoy this victory and these days we are going to prepare for the match against Slovenia, which is going to be very demanding. It will be a good test for us in order to continue growing in the championship. “

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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