Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, athletics | ‘Crazy’ Jacobs, the Italian who returns gold to the old continent

The Jacobs story begins in El Paso, Texas, where he spent the first five years of his life. Descendant of an American father, a member of the North American army, and an Italian mother, he was about to start his career as a basketball player, although he finally opted for athletics, where in addition to speed tests, he also developed with ease in jumping jacks. length, where he has a personal best above the eight meter barrier.

But if there was a barrier that he had not managed to bring down the Italian sprinter until the arrival of 2021, It was the ten seconds on the hectometer, a record that he has been responsible for demolishing with authority after his enormous performance in the Tokyo Olympic Games, both in the semifinals where he already lowered the European record with 9.83, until the final, where He surprised everyone with a 9.80 that raised him to the most privileged position on the podium.

Since the Barcelona Olympic Games 1992 with the victory of Linford Christie, no European managed to win the gold in the queen speed test in the great athletics event. A streak that Jacobs has been responsible for breaking, who arrived in Tokyo with the aim of being able to get into a final of a great championship, after winning the European indoor track in Torun this year in the 60s, without imagining that it would end returning to Italy with the great medal hanging around his neck. At the Doha World Cups, he couldn’t get past the semifinals.

Married and father of two children, nicknamed ‘Crazy’, he went crazy to commit the greatest of his life. The one that has led him to achieve a feat that could hardly be imagined to this day. In the semifinals, he already warned of his intentions and finished the job in the final, surprising from the third street.

His other passion, Formula 1. An admirer of Lewis Hamilton, it is clear that the Italian has speed in his veins. Tokyo crowns a new Olympic champion, the first of the post-Bolt era. Only time will tell if he can stay on top of the world 100, but what is certain is that, to this day, there is no one who can beat Lamont Marcell Jacobs.

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