OLYMPIC GAMES | The viral speech about Simone Biles and the mental health of the actor who plays Bogotá

Sport and mental health These are two topics that have provoked many opinions in recent times. Naomi osaka she stood up to the media at Roland-Garros before being forced to give up by the pressure and, weeks later, the problems of one of the great stars of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the American gymnast Simone biles, made public opinion reflect on the weight of responsibility that falls on elite athletes. Himself Nick kyrgios he also left his opinion in some controversial comments.

The last reflection on this topic of a public figure has been that of the actor Hovik keuchkerian, known for his roles in ‘La Casa de Papel’ or ‘Anti-riot’. The Spanish artist of Armenian origin was the guest of the program ‘Good Good’ of Cadena Ser and has left some phrases that have had a great impact, in which he defends the American gymnast and invites them to respect and empathize with athletes of his level.

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Keuchkerian defended the pressure to which Simone Biles is subjected by stating that “if she loses a 0.0 concentration, she shoots off the bar and breaks her neck”. On the other hand, he explained that “she is a girl who has mortgaged her life for a dream and is the world’s gymnast and decides, because there is something called ‘fear’, fear of dying in that case, not going out and then there is to shut up. It doesn’t come out and that’s it. “

The video posted on Twitter that accompanies these lines had more than 650,000 views in the 24 hours following its release, with almost 1,500 “likes” and very positive comments on the actor’s words.

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