Olympic Games IOC threatens to exclude boxing from Tokyo Games

Olympic boxing is in trouble. The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recognized, after analyzing the situation of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), that “she is not satisfied with her government” So what could eliminate boxing from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This position comes after the general dissatisfaction of the IOC executive with the report presented by AIBA on its governance, finance, arbitration and anti-doping problems. A document that must be redone by April 30 and that will serve to make the final decision about their future.

The angry one between COI and AIBA comes from afar. The economic and arbitration scandals during the term of the previous president, Wu Ching-kuo, who resigned in November 2017, strained the relationship. With his resignation there was a rapprochement, since the Italian Franco Falcinelli promised to tackle the problems of his organization. But his resignation for “personal reasons” in January completely fractured relations. Gafur Rakhimov left the presidency to occupy the interim presidency until a new election, a person the IOC does not like.

The Uzbek is considered by the security services of the United States as “one of the main criminals of Uzbekistan”, a fact that has increased the “concern” of the IOC. Therefore, in addition to the threat and the new report, the Olympic body has suspended the subsidies it gives to AIBA. Meanwhile, the International asks “more time to apply your measurements“, ensuring that the IOC statement is “a disappointing decision”. “Although we will continue working to convince of the change we are working for”, they conclude.

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