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It is still a bit strange not to see this country wave its flag at the opening ceremony of the largest sporting event, since Russia has participated in 9 editions of the Summer Olympics. His first presence took place in Paris 1900. The country has obtained a total of 434 medals in the summer editions: 150 gold, 129 silver and 155 bronze, as well as in the Winter Olympic Games it has participated in 6 editions: Lillehammer 1994 was the first appearance. Russia has achieved a total of 120 medals in the winter editions: 47 gold, 38 silver and 35 bronze. But this time, the viewer will not be able to enjoy his presence and his skill in many disciplines.

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Everything was unleashed when the Russian athlete Yuliya Stepanova denounced with tests that Russian athletes who tested positive were never punished, insinuating that the country’s authorities were hiding them. All this, according to the athlete, was led by Grigory Rodchenkov, director of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. After a year of rumors and information, the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) suspended Russian athletics with a sanction and Rodchenkov fled to the United States with information on hard drives from the laboratory. A team from the World Anti-Doping Agency traveled to Moscow in late 2018 and early 2019 to investigate the matter a bit, taking 2,262 urine samples back to Montreal. When they began to analyze the material they discovered that it was manipulated to try to erase the data of the analyzes and introduce false evidence. They also discovered that they had been doing that since minimal 2016 and suspected years before. All this caused a public shock, so much so that a documentary has been created on Netflix that tells the whole story.

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WADA chose to sanction Russia for data manipulation with a four-year exclusion from any international competition. Finally, the CAS (Court of Sports Arbitration) lowered the sanction to two years, but even so, it will not be able to participate as a country in the Tokyo Games and not in the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022.


The sanction against Russia was not absolute, since athletes are allowed to go to the Games to Compete, as long as they show that they are completely clean apart from the fact that the name under which the athletes are welcomed is ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) . Nor does the national anthem sound or sound in the event of a medal, but a different musical score has been presented, thus, the Russian athletes parade to the rhythm of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Uniforms or shields on sportswear are also prohibited.

Tokyo 2020

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Tokyo 2020

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