Olympic Games 2021: Director of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games resigns over comments on the Holocaust

Updated 07/22/2021 – 05:10

The director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Kentaro Kobayashi, was fired from his post after the scandal generated after his comments about the Holocaust in a comedy made in 1998, as announced this Thursday by the organizing committee at a press conference.

His ‘condemnation’ has been the appearance of some images where, apparently, he mocks the Holocaust. A parody issued in 1998 that, in the middle of 2021, has made him resign. In it he spoke, unfortunately, of the Jews: “Let’s play genocide.”

“Anyone, however creative, has no right to mock the victims of the Nazi genocide. The Nazi regime also gassed Germans with disabilities. Any association of this person with the Tokyo Olympics would insult the memory of 6 million people. Jews and cruelly mocked the Paralympic Games, “Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean of SWC and Director of Accin Social Global.

New scandal

In March he already had to resign Hiroshi sashaki, the ceremony’s former creative director, for a sexist comment. Keigo oyamada, composer of part of the music that was to be used in the ceremony, resigned two days ago after another controversy over an old interview in which he admits to having bullied the disabled.

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