Olympic Games 2021: David Valero and other unexpected Olympic medals of Spanish sport

Updated 07/26/2021 – 19:11

The sport that walks more and more, and dangerously, the translation to the field of play of what is scrupulously trained occasionally concatenates a series of factors that make it possible for an ‘outsider’ to achieve glory.

Without reaching the extreme of that achieved by the Australian skater Steven Bradbury, who in Salt Lake City 2002, was gold after all the rivals of the final fell, the closest memory post Barcelona 92 ​​rescues some.

Barcelona 1992. Bronze in pole

Javier Garca Chico was a good Spanish peer who was at time D at Hour H. No one could imagine that the athlete who had most subjected a sector, Sergei Bubka, was going to score three times out of 5.70. He made them. He is Spanish, who was content to match his personal best for an Olympic diploma entered the podium.

Barcelona 1992. Gold in archery

Juan Carlos Holgado has repeated it many times: “Nobody expected anything from us.” And together with Alfonso Menndez and Antonio Vzquez they planted themselves in Vall d’Hebron and got the laurel crown. The first two had been seventeenth in Team Sel, four years earlier. The specialized press gave him no options.

Barcelona 1992. Women’s hockey

Adrian Lock: “The Barcelona 92 ​​champions tell us that we remind them of them”

Jos Manuel Brasa, who was ahead of his time, does not leave an inch out of the story when he talks about Barcelona 92. “Four years before the Games I brought together the group of players with whom we worked and I told them you have three options: Go to have a good time and parade, go play a decent role or go for the medals. I left the room and they all said they wanted this last. ” They spent more than five months of concentration including trips to Cuba to acclimate to the humidity.

Sidney 2000. Mara Vasco in 20 km walk

Spanish women’s athletics had not won a women’s medal. Without any reference, Mara Vasco, who had arrived in Sydney with the twentieth mark of the participants, took the bronze. It was 93 percent humidity. He passed the halfway point of the test towards fifteenth place and was climbing. Right at the entrance to the stadium, an Australian marcher was disqualified and Mara made the leap to bronze.

Athens 2004. Patricia Moreno on the floor

He was only 16 years old and is still the earliest individual medal in history. Not even Jess Carballo, the national coach, trusted Patricia Moreno. I thought it would be in Beijing where it would explode. I finished the exercise and successively all the favorites fell until giving it a bronze for history

Pekn 2008. Leire Olaberra in scoring

Athletics vein. He had only been in cycling for four years when he was planted in the Beijing Games and one afternoon at the Laoshan veldrome he surprised all of Spain by winning the bronze medal. Spain has not won a women’s medal in the veldromo again. “I did not imagine it even in my best dreams, although I had been fourth in the World Cup.”

Beijing 2008. Craviotto and Prez, at K2 500

Sal Craviotto: “I have been successful with sticks”

Now it sounds strange when they are remembered, but there was hardly anyone who believed in the gold medal of Sal Craviotto and Carlos Prez in Beijing. Among them was the president of the Spanish Federation Santi Sanmamed. “Tomorrow these two are going to be Olympic champions,” he told the journalist.

Ro 2016. Carlos Coloma Mountain Bike

They came to the circuit with the mustaches and people noticed their mustaches more than the quality they had. It was José Antonio Hermida who was most talked about, but Coloma got into the good break and took bronze against the odds, like his disciple.

Carlos Coloma: “That day I sanctified and entrusted myself to God”

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