Olympic Games 2021, artistic gymnastics | Simone Biles could have suffered an anxiety attack

The United States nevertheless won the silver medal (166,096) and Great Britain the bronze medal (164,096), its first podium.

For Russia, its gold is the first since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The Russians also won men’s team gold on Monday. The most recent thing that looks like this double is the victory of the two Unified Teams at Barcelona’92.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Gymnastics | Roxana Popa embroiders the uneven bars and is in the final

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The final concluded without a clear explanation about the problem of Simone biles, who, like two days ago in the qualifying round, was serious and nervous at the start of the contest. “A matter of health”, his federation said in a brief statement. US media such as NBC point out that it is a anxiety crisis.

After obtaining with her jump, an Amanar with a twist and a half, a note of 13,766, the worst among the members of her team, the current Olympic champion left the stage with a team doctor, which could indicate some kind of ailment. But he returned a few minutes later without apparent injury, with a serene gesture, wearing a tracksuit.

Artistic gymnastics | The last jump of Simone Biles before retiring

In the asymmetrical, in which he was going to start (there are three gymnasts per country in each apparatus), Biles was replaced by Jordan Chiles and shortly after it was announced that he would not play the rest of the final.

Followed by dozens of cameras, Biles spent the rest of the night cheering on her teammates in their pursuit of the Russian team.

The Russians had already taken the lead in the first rotation, the jump. Its 43,799 points were placed 1,067 above the 42,732 of BIles and company. It was then that the megastar said goodbye to the final.

Russia’s lead more than doubled after going through the asymmetrical, with all three Russians at around 14,900 but none close to Sunisa Lee’s 15,400, who meticulously defended one of the best exercises now seen in a gym. .

From behind, Italy and Great Britain began their siege to the podium, helped by the errors of China on the ground or Great Britain on the bar. Also at the bar, the Russians suffered two drops that brought the Americans closer to 800 thousandths. The ground was going to finish deciding the podium.

Vlasdislava Urazova, Viktoriia Listunova and Angelina Melnikova had to insure; Grace McCallum, Jordan Chiles and Sunisa Lee, take a chance. But Chiles left the tapestry and with it the order of the medalists was sentenced.Simone Biles applauded and congratulated the Russians. Some were the winners, another the protagonist, still doubtful for the rest of the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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