Olympic Games 2021: An Olympic Games a la Matrix

Before the Olympic Games in Tokyo became the Games of the pandemic, it was predicted that this edition would be the most technological Olympic event in history. The audiovisual production of the competitions promises to be the most spectacular in history.

There will be camera angles never seen before, 360-degree Matrix-style replays, virtual reality (VR) live produced by dozens of imaging devices, and more analytical data than in previous Olympic Games.

In addition to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, OBS and Japan’s public media organization NHK will offer live coverage on 8K Super High Vision in selected sessions of athletics, badminton, soccer, judo, swimming, table tennis and volleyball.


Thanks to the 3DAT technology, which is based on massive data processing capacity, viewers will be able to understand at what exact moment each sprinter reaches his maximum speed and analyze the different phases of the race in detail through a color display of speed changes.

The archery coverage reach levels never seen before to show in detail the performance of the Olympic archers through the visualization of biometric data. In collaboration with Panasonic, OBS will build on the vital signs detection technology remotely to monitor live heart rate. Four cameras will be placed approximately 12m from the athletes, focusing on their face and analyzing the slight changes in skin color generated by the contraction of your blood vesselss. The public will be able to know, through graphics on the screens, the variations of the heartbeat and the adrenaline of the archers.

In basketball, they will immersive replays in 360 and freeze the image of the best plays thanks to a total of 35 4K cameras located around the court that will capture volumetric videos.

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