Olympic athletes’ beds and their sustainable technology

The beds of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic athletes hide a legacy of sustainability.

In the days before the start of the fair, the delegations of athletes made the curious cardboard structures famous.

Hypotheses about the goal of olympic athletes’ beds were varied, but the reality is that these structures hide environmentally friendly technologies environment.

Olympic athletes’ beds in Tokyo 2020

Airweave, the official sponsor of Olympic athletes beds, manufactured 18,000 beds and mattresses for Tokyo 2020.

Of these, 8,000 beds will be reused for athletes from the Paralympic Games.

As the official bedding partner of the Olympics, this company also provided pillows and duvets.


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How were the beds made?

Olympic athletes’ beds have a structure or base frame that was made from recycled cardboard.

Each was repeatedly weighted so that they can be used more than once with safety for athletes.

The mattress that is placed on the cardboard base is made up of three separate blocks made of elastic polyethylene fibers.

One of the blocks It is used to support the head and shoulders, another to support the waist and another for the legs.

All the layers are grouped in a large cover that closes with a zip.

The beds were designed to be extremely light and easy to assemble, in order to ensure that your transfer between locations is quick and efficient.

An idea for the reuse of materials

At the end of the games, the beds will be used by the paralympic athletes and later, the organizing committee will donate them to national organizations.

Beds are not the only novelties, these Olympic Games They will not have an audience due to a new wave of Covid-19 infections that affects the city of Tokyo.

Instead of people there will be robots: Pepper Y Spot, who will replace the public during the competitions.

Tokyo 2020 was left without an audience

Sustainable Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics They were born under a concept of sustainability with the motto “Be better, together – For the planet and the people”.

Japan seeks to transmit the legacy of the Games it organizes to future Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The organizers worked out the smallest detail, including the beds of the Olympians.

The delegations of athletes are already in the Olympic village, awaiting the official start scheduled for this July 23.

A few different games

the pandemic and global crisis that prompted the initiative for a Sustainable Games.

Japan seeks to show the world some model solutions for global sustainability challenges.

One of the initiatives at these Olympic Games was to use beds made from recycled cardboard.

In these structures were placed modular mattresses made from polyethylene fibers which, according to the Japanese company Airweave, can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

What is the purpose of the beds?

After the arrival of the delegations, the beds of the Olympic athletes were trending topic on social networks.

Some of the ideas that were disseminated pointed to the cardboard beds they sought to prevent athletes from having sex.

However, the truth is that they are part of the strategy to adopt “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” Y 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015.

Japan made its commitment to contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) by holding the Games.

Athletes and viralization

On July 17 the Irish gymnast, Rhys McClenaghan, posted an ironic tweet about “anti-sex beds at the Olympics.”

The publication was accompanied by a video in which he jumps on his cardboard bed, proving that they are not fragile at all.

The world medalist, Rommel pacheco, he also made a short video on Tik Tok on the beds of the Olympic athletes.

The Mexican diver showed with a jump how resistant the cardboard base is and showed the mattress on which he will sleep.

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