Olivia Rodrigo shares a playlist of 18 favorite songs to celebrate her 18th birthday

Olivia Rodrigo has shared an 18-song playlist for her 18th birthday, which you can listen to below.

The singer, who has already had great success this year with her first single « Drivers License », turned 18 on Saturday (February 20).

Rodrigo celebrated his birthday last weekend by sharing a new video in which he selected « 18 of my favorite songs that have made me the girl I am today. »

In the clip, which you can see in its entirety below, Rodrigo explains why he selected tracks by Taylor Swift, The White Stripes and Fiona Apple for his playlist.

Rodrigo has also shared a playlist of the songs, titled ’18 years, 18 songs’, on Spotify.

The collection, which includes tracks from Lorde, The Killers, and Black Sabbath, can be heard below.

Earlier this month, Rodrigo performed a stripped version of the « Drivers License » for the Grammy Museum’s online streaming service Collection: live.

Rodrigo spoke after his performance about his recent challenge of writing music on a daily basis.

« Before the quarantine, it was always kind of, ‘Oh, if I have a spark of inspiration, then I’ll write a song.’

« But that challenge taught me to be creative and to be able to work on something and create something from scratch, even if you don’t feel particularly inspired. »

Speaking to NME last month, Rodrigo reflected on the huge commercial success of « Drivers License. »

« I don’t really feel like my brain can process all of this: I see all the numbers, but I don’t quite take it in. I’m in a kind of state of disbelief, » Rodrigo said.