Olivia Palermo launches her new beauty and fashion project

Fashion trend pioneer Olivia Palermo is considered one of the most stylish women in the world. It has been more than a decade since Patrick McMullan photographed her at various events in New York City, while she was a fellow at Quest magazine. Since then, Palermo’s career has exploded, and as a result she has been featured on hundreds of covers and editorial reviews of the world’s leading fashion publications.

Throughout her career, Palermo has been able to diversify her role in the fashion industry as a smart and enterprising businesswoman with a legacy that continues to grow. He has partnered and collaborated with influential firms such as Carrera y Carrera, Stuart Weitzman, Max & Co, Bobbi Brown, Hogan, Mango, and Tommy Hilfiger. Recently, she launched her own clothing line. Therefore, the next natural step in her career was the launch of a beauty line that encompasses a simple but powerful concept – Pret-A-Beauté – beauty as a fashion wardrobe.

“I approach beauty as I do with fashion, as a reflection of my state of mind and what makes me feel like the best version of myself every day”

This is an important chapter for Palermo, whose global community continues to seek her out for advice and inspiration. Like New York City and its ever-developing culture, the native New Yorker expands her work by welcoming makeup, something that is very important to her fans. One can think of Palermo as a direct reflection of the city that it represents worldwide.

Home to world leaders, royalty, movie stars and music legends, The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria welcomed Olivia Palermo and HI! USES for this very special digital cover. The history of the Waldorf Astoria is, in many ways, the history of New York City – a history of ambition, innovation, and achievement. Palermo represents that and much more.

“Like fashion, beauty is tailor-made and unique to each person. It’s about finding what works best for you and incorporating those learnings to tell your own story. “

Enjoy this exclusive digital cover with Olivia Palermo!

Having spent years getting on and off makeup chairs since my late teens, I always knew that a beauty collection was something I wanted to do. “

Photography: César Balcázar | Makeup: Andrea Tiller | Hairdresser: Kenna Kennor | Stylist: Marco Corral | Location: The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria, New York | Shirt- Alin Jotar, Jersey– Adolfo Dominguez, Skirt – Raquel Orozco, Shoes- Roger Vivier, Earrings- Property of the stylist, Pendant– Piaget, Ring– Piaget

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