Oliver Stark (‘9-1-1’): “With creators like Ryan Murphy you know you can trust”

The London-based actor conquers global audiences with ‘9-1-1’, Fox’s action series that can be seen since its inception on Disney + starting February 23.

Alejandro Rodera February 23, 2021 (3 minutes ago)

The followers of ‘9-1-1’ have a new place to enjoy it. After the premiere of the fourth season on FOX Spain at the beginning of February, now Disney + includes the first three installments in its catalog from fiction created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear. This incorporation is part of the launch of Star, the adult section of the streaming platform, and before this event We were able to speak with Oliver Stark, who plays Buck in the frantic and ambitious drama.

Oliver Stark Headlines

« When you’re doing something, you never know if it will be successful or not » « The reception of ‘9-1-1’ was overwhelming and still is » « In the fourth episode I realized how great this series was » « Since the beginning, in the cast we have covered each other «  » Sometimes I read the scripts and I think it is impossible to do certain things «  » Our team manages to get a movie on television every week «  » People who watch the series stay impressed every week «  » With creators like Ryan Murphy you know you can trust «  » There are difficult filming days, but the good relationship between the cast makes everything fun «  » For me it is a lot of fun doing the action scenes «  » The writers they know I like action scenes and they already write them for me «