It was one of the Devolver Direct ads last night. Olija, the new job of Skeleton Crew Studio Coming to the Nintendo Hybrid Console during the year 2020. The game was already confirmed for Switch for more than a year but without a launch window, although at the time there was talk of summer 2019. Now there is already one confirmed launch window and also a trailer for the game.

In addition to the trailer, the companions of Gamespot have exclusively published a video with an extensive gameplay of six minutes where can we see Olija in action and get to know first hand its main mechanics. One of them is the use of the harpoon by the protagonist who, as can be seen, serves not only as a weapon but also as a tool for reach certain platforms.

Olija is a action adventure and platforms in lateral perspective reminiscent of other classics of the genre such as Flashback or Another World. The protagonist is Faraday, a man trapped in the mysterious country of Terraphage after being shipwrecked with his ship. Armed with a legendary harpoon you will have to help the rest of the castaways to flee these hostile lands and return home.

Exploration, fighting and mysteries to be solved are the elements that Faraday will discover as this strange world and its inhabitants enter into history, including Olija, an enigmatic lady with whom the protagonist will discover that he has a bond that goes beyond time. The game is inspired by tales of swordsmen and in cinematic adventure games but, according to Devolver, it is above all a story « about facing the unknown in situations of adversity. »

Olija was one of the titles that, like Carrion, were confirmed for Nintendo Switch during yesterday’s Devolver digital event, July 11, which can be viewed in full here.

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