Oleguer Presas changes from giving soccer classes to children in a former Civil Guard barracks

Oleguer Dams He has returned to the world of football, although he has done it in a very special way. The former player of the Barça has a new life and is related to the beautiful sport. The Catalan is now a coach, or as he prefers to define it “companion” is a new community project of a football school that aims to instill different, healthier values ​​from those that habituate in the different grassroots football schools in Spain. The trainings and classes that he teaches are carried out in an old Civil Guard barracks in Sabadell, his hometown.

“During my experience as a coach, I realized that grassroots football is very focused on performance and from my point of view there are human situations that I don’t like and that make me feel uncomfortable,” he says Oleguer In an interview with EFE about his time as a trainer when he was studying the basic level of coach, where he really realized that his vision of the training cycles of young people was very different from the one currently promoted.

From that moment, Oleguer acknowledges that “I wanted to do things in a very different way” in order to find a way to promote and educate another formula in grassroots football. This is how this project was born, which has its roots in September 2018, and which the Catalan recently joined. In the, Oleguer it’s a “companion”, a term that he prefers to coach or monitor This is because the true managers of the project are the parents of the children, who attend all the trainings of their children.

«There are many people who idealize the vision of football, of what we see on TV and of individualities, but this dynamic at the same time generates a counter-dynamic of people who want their son or daughter to play and have a good time , which find it difficult to achieve it in the form of rejections or fights in training, “he reasons Oleguer, which seeks that sport in certain stages is merely fun, entertaining and with values ​​that do not promote competitiveness or generate frustration in girls and boys due to demands or defeats.

Thus, the girls and boys within the project of which they are part Oleguer, understands different ages. Currently there minors between 6 and 12 years old, although it does not rule out that the bracket increases. Children play in an old Civil Guard barracks in Sabadell, where a futsal field, a concrete court, and where they play with a soccer ball 11. The teams are mixed and they are not registered for any type of competition, they only play two games during each quarter.

«Not having competition has been good for us for this moment of joint learning that aims to change the most competitive and individualistic dynamics “, explains the former Barcelona footballer, who comments that” if we had started in a competition without doing any previous work it would have been more difficult to explain to them that the result is not important and that we all have to play together ».

But Oleguer It does not rule out that in the future, when the project progresses and is consolidated, the door opens the registration of the different teams in competitions in the province and community: «It could be interesting. Competition gives you relevant values with whom to work because many things happen and conflicts occur, and the management of these conflicts is what makes us differentiators.

“The companions try to pay close attention to what happens in the game to be able to stop it and reflect on what is happening”, explains Oleguer, who gives examples: “When a boy says he does not want to go with a girl when choosing teams . All these situations are those that the Catalan wants to promote from a new point of view, oblivious to the demands, competitiveness and frustration that grassroots football sometimes carries intrinsically.