Oka Giner tells stories of inclusion


When Oka Giner arrived in Mexico City in 2012, she realized that rudeness prevailed in the acting world, because she was criticized for her way of dressing, for how she spoke and she even heard phrases such as: “You don’t have a waist”, “You’re fat” or “your body is weird.”

The Chihuahuan confesses that she became frustrated, until she learned to put those comments aside and move on with her career in which she has stood out with titles such as Gossip Girl: Acapulco, Miss Gunpowder, The Pilot, Mother There are only two or Revenge de las Juanas, a series that will premiere on Netflix.

There are many experiences and from my own experience I could tell you that the environment felt very rough. However, we have more inclusion and representation on television, as well as on platforms, but much remains to be done, so that there is no criticism, as happened to Fátima Molina, whom I consider a great actress and who when starring in a project faced a movement that criticized her for not meeting certain standards of beauty, something implausible. I have learned not to take anything personally since they are situations that do not depend on me. Imagine if I carried what others think, I will suffer all my life “, Oka Giner told Excelsior.

Originally from Camargo, Chihuahua, Oka Giner reached popularity in our country with Gossip Girl: Acapulco and little by little she was writing new chapters in her career. She was recently seen as a homosexual girl in Mother There Are Only Two, a series that announced a second season. Likewise, Oka will be one of the protagonists of La Venganza de las Juanas, a series based on the adaptation of the successful novel Las Juanas.

The project is very cool. She talks about female empowerment and addresses issues of current women, we see as protagonists five sisters who do not know each other and who by chance of fate unite, support and sympathize to carry out a revenge.

After what I experienced, it is important for me to talk about the role of women and more with all the movements that we are seeing, about everything that as a gender we can no longer allow. As women here we are, we can help each other and together we can ”, explained the actress, who defined her character as a heroine.

It should be noted that La Venganza de las Juanas, produced by Lemon Films for Netflix, will also feature performances by Zuria Vega, Renata Notni, Carlos Ponce, Pablo Astiazarán, Carlos Athié and Federico Espejo.

On being able to play roles of characters that a few years ago had no presence in stories, such as when she played a lesbian, Oka said to celebrate the diversity that is on screen and that exists in real life.

It seems important to me to be on a screen and represent a gay character. I like to fantasize and be very romantic, thinking that in some town there is a girl who is no longer going to feel bad or strange for being different. I would like to think that the new generations are not going to suffer, as our generations did, because they are different ”, Giner underlined.

When asked how this time of pandemic has lived, which forced us to modify our lives in several ways, the young woman from the North was honest when she said that she had a very bad time and that she realized how necessary it is to give her a place at the table. debate to mental health, especially when a loved one has been lost.

It’s been tough for me since the pandemic started and made me think about mental health. In December 2019 my dad passed away and in January I start recording Mother there are only two. I felt that I could do everything and took refuge at work, but when I was locked up in March for the pandemic, everything fell apart. I did not know what to do with what I felt, I started having panic attacks, anxiety and I entered therapy to be able to cope with everything. Nowadays I feel calmer and going to therapy, in the XXI century, after going through a pandemic, is a taboo, but it should not be like that, because therapy is good for learning to cope with our griefs and processes “, concluded Giner .

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