Ok, These Rainbow Wigs Are IT – Best of Rainbow Wigs “Cosmo Queens’

Ok, so I know that not everyone’s first choice when choosing a hair color would be something loud and bright. You may think that some hues are just reserved for the brave ones among us, fair! But please allow this Cosmo Queens roundup to sway you just a tad! In our series, Ruby Roo, Jadynn Fierce, A’Keria Davenport, and Monique Heart all pulled their respective looks together with colorful hair. They looked sooo good, and we rounded up their work for some inspirational wig content.

So how exactly does one rock light turquoise, deep purple, or bright red hair? Well, coordinating with the makeup look helps. All of the queens included here managed to maintain their general color scheme from the mane to the face. Obvi we’ve got to shout out Monique Heart going for all red everything: the puffer jacket, the heart-shaped glasses, the lip. She def committed to the vision. Check out how she and the other three skillful queens managed to pull off their looks in the full video!

Annabel Iwegbue Annabel Iwegbue is an editorial assistant who covers entertainment, beauty, fashion & astrology.

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