Oh my, Rosalia! The singer shows how to wear an off-white look

The Spanish singer Rosalía surprises wherever she goes not only for her powerful voice, but for her remarkable sense of fashion.

Rosalía has always been close to her roots, as she continues to be interested in taking her cultural legacy to the world and making it appreciated.

In 2018 he was inspired by flamenco to create a concept far from the traditional, but that serves as a diffusion of this genre.

From this desire, he started his imagination and creativity to build his own style.

This is how her appearance, her voice, the way she dances and what she dresses, serves as an example to subsequent generations.

In addition to having Grammy, Billboard and MTV Video Music Awards, Rosalía is recognized for her unique style of choosing clothes and accessories.

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Thanks to her, nails have reached a new level of nailart, just as baggy tops and pants have returned to stores around the world.

But even when it comes to colors, the singer imposes her style, ahead of the time and becoming a muse for brands like Balmain.

It is enough for her to wear loose pants with a blouse and a sweatshirt that combines with sneakers, even when each garment is white.

Although her choice of outfit contrasts with her long brown hair, Rosalía has another enigmatic aspect of her appearance going for her: her expression.

The combination of her tender and seductive gaze with her infectious smile has to do with “the Rosalía effect”, as well as her brotherhood with celebrities.

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While Kylie jenner, Dua Lipa and Billie Elish (with whom, by the way, a collaboration is expected soon) are some of them, the Spaniard shines with her own light and authentically in Hollywod.