Officially Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the richest couple in the business

Single and album sales

The singer has earned $ 26 million in digital single sales and Jay-Z has earned $ 17.5 million. When it comes to album sales, he leads with $ 27.5 million while Bey barely reached $ 15 million.


With their On the Run II tour, Bey and Jay-Z made $ 250 million and on the On the Run Tour they raised $ 95 million. In 2017, during the 4.44 tour the rapper made $ 48.7 million and before that, in 2016, Queen B made $ 256 million with Formation, his highest grossing so far.


Beyoncé launched her first Ivy Park collection by Topshop and recently launched by Adidas and it was a success. The same happened with her perfume, with which in 2013 she earned 400 million.