OFFICIAL! This will be the title of the sequel to Aquaman

Director James Wan shared on his social networks what will be the subtitle for the second part of the Aquaman film.

Dc comics Y Warner Bros. They already have everything they need to launch major productions, including several sequels to their main stories. Shazam Y Aquaman their second parts will be released shortly. The next installment of the latter appeared in the eye of the news once again.

A few days ago it was already known that the great protagonist, Jason momoa, will not only fulfill acting functions. The interpreter was part of the development of the film’s script, supporting the main librettist, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. Now, weeks later, another great piece of information was confirmed.

This has to do with the name that the tape will bear, which will be titled The lost kingdom (The lost kingdom). The novelty was confirmed by the same director James wan, who was in charge of the first and second pieces of the marine hero.

The creative made the announcement official on his Instagram account

The lost kingdom

The phrase in question logically refers to Atlantis, a powerful government that is threatened by the corruption and greed that some nobles have in it. However, this could indicate that Arthur he will appear as the great savior once more and that he would already take his place as monarch completely.

However, from the information available, it is still too early to speculate on what will happen in the plot of the feature film, but it is known that it will have a large budget, since the visual effects will be central. In addition, more sea monsters will be included than in the previous one.

On his tone, the filmmaker in charge of the project, Wan, stated the following. “The second is a little more serious, a little more relevant to the world we live in today. That’s where you want to go, “he commented in the DC Fandome 2020. The production is scheduled to premiere in December 2022.

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